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The control of the patent-offices is dictated by business or experts (lobbies) defending interests which are not necessarily those of the community.

USPTO Corporate Plan, 2000 : The primary mission of the patent business is to help customer get patents.
Art. L411-1 IPC: One of the National Institute of Industrial Property's task is to take all initiatives with a view to a standing adaptation of national and international law to the needs of innovators and enterprises.

Costs of patent rejection

Art. L411-2 IPC: Receipts shall be required to balance all the outlay of the establishment.
  Filing Report Issue Tax (years 2-5) Tax (years 6-10) Tax (years 11-15) Tax (years 16-20) Total
Patent accepted Income +35€ +320€ +85€ +25€ +135€ +270€ +530€ +3485€
Outcome   -1830€          
Patent rejected Income +38€ +320€           -1472€
Outcome   -1830€          

The standard professional course of an inspector consists in leaving the office after a few years of service for a large cabinet of patent attorney.